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Fishing and Nature Lodge / Marlodj Island / Sine Saloun Delta / Sénégal
EXCURSIONS The island, covering 45 square kilometers, is home to 4 local villages. It is possible to travel by foot or carriage and visit them. The biggest of the four, Marlodj, is a village of farmers that is made up of a population of 1,500 that is split evenly between Catholic and Muslim bases. Within the village there is a church where it is possible to take part in tam tam services and a mosque. It is easy to get lost in the tranquility of the village streets, to spend the day interacting with a local population happy to just say hi to a Toubab, or to admire the local sacred tree (the site of the villages meeting point and central market). You can also continue down the carriage tracks and complete the tour of the island, passing through Marsoulou and Marfafako. Two other destinations on the island are the villages of DINDI and WANDIE. These villages are only accessible by pirogue and are nestled in bolongs half an hour from the lodge. Here, more than anywhere else, time seems to have stopped. The extreme kindness of the local population speaks to a traditional way of life where daily life was less stressful and less complicated. It is well worth taking the time to admire the beautiful shells offered by the local village women. Another very pleasant trip by pirogue takes you 45 minutes from the camp to the village of FALIA. This village of nearly 600 inhabitants, all members of the Serere tribe, consists of groups of farmers, honey makers, and shellfish gatherers. To the east of this site are two huge shell masses separated by a << tan >> that is over thirty meters long. On one of those masses, known as << Toupiane boumak >> there are over 168 burial mounds. This shell mass measure over 600 meters long and 250 meters wide and reaches a height of nearly 10 meters. On the other one, 54 mounds have been identified. The Toupiane sight stands out from other sites of its kind in the Saloum delta because of its size, its lack of tourist attention, its connecting zone, its size, the lack of recent exploitation of the shells, and its foothills. Other excursions:
  • The possibility of riding horseback
  • A visit to Bandia Nature Reserve.
  • A visit to AccroBaobab Climbing Center (Magical!)
  • A massage
  • Trips down the bolongs in kayaks
or, simply resting on the beach in a hammock
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