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Fishing and Nature Lodge / Marlodj Island / Sine Saloun Delta / Sénégal
FISHING Some basic information: Hakuna Matata is located directly on the Saloum river, with direct access to the Mar Ignane fishing area. This fishing zone is considered one of the best in the region. The delta that surrounds the lodge is subject to the same tidal movements as the ocean but with a 40 minute delay. The bottom is mostly sandy and undisturbed, with depths ranging from 9 to 60 feet. The fishing guides know all of the rocks and reefs in the area by heart and are happy to take you to them. The water of the delta is surprisingly clear and visibility is always greater than 10 feet. HAKUNA MATATA offers several different kinds of fishing: Trips that require a boat use traditional Senegalese pirogues outfitted with modern motors. Each boat is run by a dedicated captain and first mate. These fishermen are native to the area and will take you where the fish are biting at the time. Generally, fishing from these boats consists of fishing baits off of the bottom. This action depends on the tides and is best when they are moving fast. Guides provide fresh shrimp or strips of local baitfish, entire squids, or live bait when fishing off of the bottom. The fishing gear used for this kind of fishing must be capable of sustaining the runs of big fish while also providing enough sensitivity to feel subtle takes. The guides can provide each fisherman or woman with 1 or 2 rods between 7 and 9 feet with a minimum weight class of 20/40 lbs. The reels are filled with braided line with a breaking strain between 30 and 100 lbs. To keep the bait on the bottom during strong tides, heavy weights are required and fluorocarbon leaders recommended. Hook sizes range between 1/0 and 5/0 depending on the type of bait being used. It is important, with all the gear in place, to pay attention because otherwise one risks being caught off guard by the violence of the takes.
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