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Fishing and Nature Lodge / Marlodj Island / Sine Saloun Delta / Sénégal
The lodge is located on the island of Marlodj. The grounds border a tidal river for over 10 hectares where more than 10,000 trees have been planted (Filaos, Cordias, Flamboyants, Olocericeas, Niaoulis, Prosopices, Cotonniers) Situated 140 km to the south of Dakar, between the ancient Sine and Saloum rivers, on the edge of Saloum Delta National Park, HAKUNA MATATA basks in a haven of peace between the Atlantic ocean and continental Africa. From Dakar, a 3 hour drive brings you to our private landing where a local pirogue waits for a 35 minute crossing that will immerse you in the calm of mangrove forests before dropping you at the main lodge. The islands environment is preserved (as a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve) and almost guarantees youll move in for good. Because there are no cars on the island, one gets around on carriages, pulled along by a horse or one of the beautiful local donkeys, companions of Senegals laborers who continue to cultivate millet and peanuts with rake and plough Here, time takes its full meaning, and the pollutions and stress of modern life are cast away. The bolongs, snaking branches of the river, are caught between saltwater and the budding limbs of mangrove trees. They represent an important habitat for bird and fish species alike, offering safe breeding grounds and plentiful food. The lodge offers 16 cabins that were completely renovated in 2006 and 2007. Each hut can accommodate 2 or 3 visitors and comes equipped with fans, mosquito nets and electrical outlets for personal use. (There are very few mosquitoes in this region of Senegal but we offer the nets as a preventative measure) Throughout the year, fishermen and women and nature lovers of all sorts can come to HAKUNA to discover plentiful local and migratory species. The lodge is located on the edge of the river for a reason. Solange and Dominic, the owners and managers of the lodge, take specific advantage of this resource to ensure that your stay is both pleasant and unforgettable. At the dining table, you will taste familiar European dishes and traditional Senegalese meals while discovering the flavor of local fish, crustaceans and mollusks and the unique taste of house specialities (fish soup, Tiboudienne, crabs, grilled fish, bouillabaisse, etc.).
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